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Sharon is an amazing and talented practitioner. She has a wonderful personality and a beautiful spirit. I'm so glad to have met her. I have benefited so much from her acupuncture treatments and nutritional strategies, as well as her wonderful advice which has helped me so much. Again, thank you. You are a treasure. You are like the "good mother" I never had!

P.S., Coeur D'Alene

When I first came to Sharon, I thought my case was too complicated to receive much benefit from acupuncture.   I was wrong!  Sharon has helped me deal with many symptoms of Lyme disease among other things.   I think the biggest thing that has improved is my level of pain.   Acupuncture truly helps with all kinds of pain and often relieves it almost instantly.   It is also helpful for insomnia, anxiety and just about anything else you can think of.

Sharon looks at all aspects of my life and symptoms to determine the best approach.   she researches my issues and is very insightful.   She is an important part of my medical care.

T.M., Corona

I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Sharon Pruss while undergoing IVF treatments this year.   I heard of Sharon Pruss from my Reproductive Endocrinologist as she has a reputation of being an acupuncture specialist in the field of infertility.   Although I had my reservations about acupuncture, I felt comfortable the first time I met Sharon.   She instilled a sense of confidence not only of acupuncture, but of the entire infertility process.   She is easy to talk to and her experience shines through her interactions with her patients.   Being a physician myself, I know this is a quality that cannot be learned, but that it takes an outstanding personality mixed with years of experience to accomplish.   It is also important to note that Sharon is extremely professional and caring.   She has even called me to just "check in" between my appointments with her.   I, without reservation, would recommend Sharon Pruss to any patients that need or are willing to explore the field of acupuncture.

Thank you,
H.S., Rancho Cucamonga

You were very helpful to me at time when my life was in almost total upheaval.   Acupuncture was very relaxing and seemed to help balance me out emotionally.   I am sorry to see that you no longer practice in the area!

D.M., Corona

Thank you for releasing my pain.   I had been in the hospital for a week with a migraine.   The only thing the hospital did was give me shots of morphine around the clock.   I came to see you and by the time I left your office, my headache was nearly gone, and after a week, I was able to completely open my eyes.   All with one visit! I love acupuncture.   If I didn't have to pay out-of-pocket, it would be my only way to go with all of my health issues.

E.A., Corona

Cancer is terrifying on its own, without having to go through it alone.   Fortunately, I had a great support team.   I am writing today to talk about one such member of my support team, my Acupuncturist, Sharon Pruss.

While researching alternative treatments to use in conjunction with my radiation and chemotherapy, I was relieved to find that acupuncture was the only thing listed that really seemed to help with many of the specific side effects of radiation of the head and neck.   I mentioned this to someone at the Cancer Community of the South Bay, and he immediately referred me to Sharon.   I started my acupuncture treatments a week later, prior to the beginning of my radiation and chemotherapy.   There were changes for the better from the beginning of my treatments.   As a result of my surgery, I developed sleep apnea, and I snored like a chainsaw.   After the first acupuncture treatment, my sleep apnea was gone, and the snoring was drastically reduced.

As time went on and I started radiation and chemotherapy, the acupuncture reduced my symptoms to a minimum.   In fact, at the half-way mark, my oncologist could not believe how well I looked and felt.   Of course the human body is not made to withstand radiation and I did start developing some side effects.   Sharon was amazing during this time.   When my mouth blistered, she recommended healthy drinks to keep my energy and spirits up, and always made time for me when I needed an additional appointment.   Once the radiation and chemo came to an end, I continued to work with Sharon and within one week, the burns and blisters in my mouth had healed.   The only other side effect that I had developed was a problem in tasting food.   My support group told me that it would take at least six months for that to be restored, but through working with Sharon, I regained almost all of my ability to taste food within six weeks.   One of the worst side effects that affect many head and neck patients is a reduction in saliva, which I can say never happened to me due to my acupuncture treatments.

As a result of my great experience, I have family members seeing Sharon.   Sharon has been able to help my life partner sleep after years of insomnia.   I have, and will continue to recommend Sharon to friends and associates.   She made all of the difference in my personal journey back to health!

R.M., Long Beach

I have been having a choking problem for nine years since my husband was killed in an accident.   I thought that it was stress, then hormones, and then just that I was crazy.   After a few years of this I finally went to a doctor who diagnosed me with Eosinophilic Esophagitis-an allergy in my throat.   He put me on steroids and allergy medicine and it did not get better.   This went on for another few years.   At Christmas I had a bad bout and they could do nothing but tell me to go to the ER and that they would give me morphine to relax me! I found Dr. Sharon from my friend Rebecca Melzer, and started seeing her in January.   I have only had one episode since then and am off all my medications. The minute I met Dr Sharon I knew that she was going to get to the bottom of this.   She listens, and is very caring.   She looks at the big picture not just the one thing that is wrong.   I am very happy that I found her.

B.S., Los Angeles

Sharon's acupuncture practice helped me overcome a severe injury to the nerves of my right hand. I really appreciate her help in overcoming my injury.  

C.E., Torrance

I would like to share how Sharon Pruss was able to help me through one of the most painful periods in my life.   I had been to countless appointments with medical providers to address the pain in my right shoulder.   I was continuously discounted as someone who just wanted painkillers.   Each time I was given vitamin M (Motrin) or a stronger version thereof.   To be truthful I did not want the pain pills.   I knew in my heart that something was causing the pain, and that is what needed attention.   The painkillers had taken their toll on me.   I was experiencing a loud ringing in my ears each time I would take them.   I felt desperate and just wanted someone to listen to me.   The only provider that would listen to my full story and try a multitude of methods to decrease the pain was Sharon.   She was very methodical about her approach and used evidence-based practices.   I would not have made it through that long period without her.   She was indeed able to decrease my pain and continued to encourage me to seek and demand proper assessment of my situation.   Ultimately, surgery had to be performed to repair my shoulder and the muscles around it that had been damaged.   However, this was missed due to the unwillingness of any one provider to spend more than three minutes with me.   Sharon was willing to work with each one of my specialists and their recommendations for treatment.   A provider who can recognize that it can take more that one specialist to treat an issue impresses me.

Sharon treated me pre-operatively and post-operatively.   I feel my recovery was shortened due to her assistance with fire cupping, acupuncture, the dietary changes, and just simply listening to me talk it out.   Sharon is good at what she does and I felt she made me a top priority, although, I suspect she makes all of her patients feel that way.

L.B. Downey

Sublime Release

The needles pinch, puncture, permeate the skin
The soul cries--heal me
The body twitches, turns cold, limbs numb out
The qi shifts, pushing through blocks of ancient history
Patterns of dis-ease, memories, pain, struggle, an unwillingness to change, to adapt, to be more present
Resistance, sorrow, the inexperience of joy, layer upon layer of regret, lack of forgiveness, lost loves
Yearning for a clearer passage, a better way, a fundamental shift
To occur--body, mind and spirit

(A patient's experience of acupuncture written through the eyes of the Acupuncturist)

Sharon Pruss
June, 2006

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